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They're a weird mob [DVD]
Publisher: 1966.
Review by: Bruzzese, Ross Mr  on: 12/03/2021 4:00:10 PM
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Sydney, Australia in the 1960s is an almost unrecognisable place compared to what it is now. This film offers a comic albeit jaunty insight into the customs and proclivities of living in that place and time which would seem unrecognisable to a young person today, filtered through and experienced through the eye of the protagonist 'new Australian' Nino Culotta. The plot at times is wooden, forced even, and the love interest that grows between Nino and Kay (played by Walter Chiari and Claire Dunne) seems a bit too unbelievable when you consider the lack of on-screen chemistry between the two actors. Some things don't change - Bondi Beach looks precisely the same as it did then. A flawed yet iconic and important film for Australian popular culture and the film industry of its time. Filmed in Sydney during the summer of 1965-66.
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The slap [DVD]
Publisher: 2011.
Review by: Bruzzese, Ross Mr  on: 27/02/2018 11:06:13 AM
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Eight excellent scripts and episodes featuring a terrific cast who delivered performances that were true to novelist Christos Tsiolkas's passions and ideals. The only very slight negative is Sophie Okonedo's portrayal of Aisha: her Australian accent - although commendable - was warbled in places as she did her best to hide her own native thick London accent. Really though this is brilliant television.
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