Simple searching

Montage provides a search box into which you can enter several words to find the work you are after.

Following the inital search, refinements are available that will narrow down the number of works returned.

The refinements vary per page and can can help you find works that have items held in your library or in a specific format.

The following video shows how to use these refinements and more.

Constructing complex searches.

When you enter multiple words in the search box, Montage assumes that you want to find works that have all those words in them. It effectively puts an 'AND' between your keywords.

The results are then sorted by relevance. If the words used in your search are in the title, in the catalogue as a phrase, or appear several times in a work. This work will be moved to the top of the page as it is most likely that for what you are looking.

You can easily modify this behaviour by using 'AND', 'OR' and 'NOT' in your queries. Use parentheses to enclose your search terms and this will activate the Boolean operators.

For example:

(cat NOT dog)

This will find works that have the word ‘cat’, but only if the work does not have the word ‘dog’ in the record.

(house OR garden)

This will find works that have either the word ‘house’ or the word ‘garden’ in them.

If you would like to search on a phrase you can enclose these in quotation marks.

“simple science”

This will only find works that have these words appearing together in this order.